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Discussion in 'General' started by Iantha_Branch, Jun 9, 2024.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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    I could not find any discussion on display cases, so I am starting this thread.

    I am ready to put some some sort of display case in my crew lounge. While I do have the skills to build one, I have spent the past 2 years now doing nothing but physically intensive projects when I am not at my physically intensive job. So, I am looking to buy something that is ready to install, or requires minimal effort in assembly before instillation.

    So far, I have two leading candidates.

    The first are display cases from Showcase Express. I would describe it as semi-modular in the fact that it is 4' sections that can be combined and stacked to created almost any size of display. The pro and con of this product is that the shelves are made out of aluminum. The pro being strength and durability, the con being looks.

    The second is a more traditional display case made from stained wood. While the stained wood looks much nicer, I wonder a little about how durable the construction is if I fill every inch of it with locomotives. The other draw back is they do not stack and extend like the above option.

    Here is one source I have found for this type of case.

    Anyone have thoughts and or experience with rolling stock display cases?
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  2. dwoomer

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    I have an decades old wooden display case.

    I do not even remember who made it.

    I will advise you to make sure that the individual shelves are sturdy.

    Mine are not, they are fine to hold rolling stock, but not locomotives.
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  3. Iantha_Branch

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    Thank you for the input.

    Sturdiness has been my primary concern with the pre-built wood cases. I think the other made out of aluminum looks sturdy, but I need to dig in to that more when I have time.

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