River Division Freight Trains 835/836

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    Note: From the Southeast Missourian newspaper archives. These articles document the pending and subsequent arrival of diesel power (presumably F7A and F7B units) to some of the River Division Mainline freights-cla

    January 26, 1948

    A 28-hour schedule for through freight between St. Louis and Pensacola, Fla., 12 hours less than the present running time, is planned by the Frisco Railroad, which has ordered four 4500-horsepower diesel-electric locomotives costing approximately $1,734,720 to be placed on this run. This expenditure was approved this week end by directors of the railroad, bringing to 96 the number of diesel-electric unts ordered in recent months.

    The Frisco will order $77,300 worth of replacement parts for diesels on the St. Louis-Memphis-Pensacola run, and will spent $70,000 constructing additional sidings between St. Louis and Memphis.

    January 29, 1949

    Diesel engines are now taking fast freight trains through Cape Girardeau for the Frisco, with a fast merchandise schedule going into effect this week, A.H. Taff, assistant superintendent for the Frisco, said today. The schedule is to be well fixed by Sunday, for Trains No. 835 and 836, it was said. Stops will be made for the fast freights at Chaffee and at Hayti, and the service connects St. Louis and Pensacola.

    Two-unit diesels, which are new, are used. The one has power unit and cab and the B unit is merely an added power unit without control cab. They are General Motors diesels.

    Mr. Taff said the high water has done some roadbed damage, particularly near Wittenberg, but trains have not been halted due to the minor washing caused by local streams. On the Hoxie branch line, near Poplar Bluff, there is some water over the tracks, but the trains can be operated through to Hoxie, Arkansas.

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