Pittsburg, Kansas Roundhouse

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    This is a plat map of the city of Pittsburg, Kansas (1908).


    Several large images, including maps of Pittsburg.


    Kansas Historical Society.
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    Indeed it is. Based on the Sanborn maps posted by Karl and Bob, there's a goodly set of opportunities. Even without knowing overall traffic density and trains through town, we have a good number of lineside industries to keep one or two people busy switching for a while.

    Plus, since any sort of locomotive terminal in the steam era provides a lot of visual interest and operational opportunity (coal and fuel oil in, ash out), a smaller terminal setting lends itself to achievable modeling.

    Overall, a very good candidate for the Frisco modeler who might be hamstrung for lots of space.

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    Pittsburg was a very busy area indeed. I am working on recreating it in TS2012 right now. I've got 4 of the 5 main lines put down so far. Getting all of the interchanges and industries is going to be a challenge though. The only thing that sucks is there isn't much content available for that operation.
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    After months of looking I think I have finally found the location of the engine house in question. It is in a different location that the original shown in the early 1900's sanborn maps. The first picture is to help get you oriented in where I'm looking within Pittsburg, there is a green box to show where I'm zooming in to. The second picture is zoomed closer in to where I think it is. We are looking at the set of 3 tracks that curve from the north/south yard tracks to the east/west main line. I think the shed is in the middle there. The 3rd picture is an aerial photo from 58. I think a lot of the structures to support steam operations where gone already, but there appears to be something about the right dimensions over two of the tracks. I've got it outline in green. Also, there is a red dot and a purple dot. The red is approximately where the photo in the archives would have been taken from, and the purple is approximately where the photo posted earlier in this form would have been taken from. The 4th photo is zoomed in further without any outlining to help you see what I am seeing. I am using this website to get my images: https://www.historicaerials.com/viewer


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    Good findings, Ethan. Fun to see the results. Thanks for seeing this through.

    Off-topic, but you should be getting some very happy OSU fans returning to Stillwater from Memphis. Wish we could say the same for Columbia. Some game!
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    I finally figured this out while I was building Pittsburg in TS12 last night. I'm adding pictures from the same vantage points as the real pictures. I don't have the arrangement 100% correct yet, but its pretty close.

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    Is that within Trainz? I think I recognize the Trainz-type building board. If Trainz, what version?

    I have MSTS/OR... me thinks "one of these days" I need to get a good version of Trainz.

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    Trainz Simulator 12. I have it from a while back when they released it. They've had a few other versions come out and are getting ready to release a new version in 2019, but don't know anything about any of those.
    The building tools in TS12 aren't fantastic but they work as long as you leave the terrain flat. I've tried giving the ground some rise and fall and its just impossible to get it to come out even somewhat right. I never could figure out the route builder in MSTS so I can't compare to that for you.
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    There's quite a bit of discussion over at Trainsim.com about the latest Trainz. Seems some are not pleased at all with it, others are happy with it. Here's a link to the last page of that thread. Be advised though, it's FIFTY pages long.


    A good V scale friend of mine prefers the TANE w/SP1 version of Trainz. I haven't a clue all the ins/outs of Trainz, but I do know some mighty fine looking routes can be created using it.


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