New run of Railsmith Texas Special coaches in n-scale

Discussion in 'New Products' started by pbender, Mar 2, 2023.

  1. pbender

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    Lowell Smith has has announced two more Texas Special coaches as part of his Railsmith line:

    this time the cars are both Frisco cars, “Olivette” and “Pasadena Hills”

    Also in today’s announcement is a pair of Southern coaches:

    Southern cars were pooled with Frisco cars for the Kansas City-Florida Special. ( see the Autumn 1959 consist list here )

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    The Southern Ry streamlined coaches assigned to the Kansas City-Florida Special were always of the earlier 1941 Pullman Standard fleet with fluted lower sides, numbered in the 800 to 814 series. They were originally bought for the Tennessean and Southerner trains. Those cars were replaced in 1949 by the Budd cars like these and then relegated to upgrading other secondary trains like the. KS-FS.

    Ken McElreath
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  3. pbender

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    The consist listing from Autumn 1959 lists Southern coaches 802,803, and 905 as being assigned at that point in time. SOU 905 appears to be a modernized heavyweight car.

    On Lowell’s page on the Southern cars, he has a picture of one of them ( North Carolina ), and it is car number 800, so the car is at least representing a car from the right group ( and it’s not being sold as an exact replica, so it’s just a stand-in ( the actual prototype for this Railsmith coach is a PS built NYC car)).
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