Motley County Railway Switcher

Discussion in 'Diesel General' started by Rob R, Jan 19, 2022.

  1. Rob R

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    I was looking for a dedicated Q,A & P thread but I couldn't find one so here will have to do for now.

    The Motley County Railway ran for a few short years from Roaring Springs on the QA&P to Matador.

    I recently came across this page on the McKeen Railcar site.
    and another photo of the opposite side (same loco even though it is lettered differently)
    Keep Safe over there
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  2. kenmc

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    It's not too hard to see why they called it "motley." Who could create such an ugly beast?

    Ken McElreath
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  3. Oldguy

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    Ye gods that is so ugly, it's cute. Imagine driving that thing from Omaha to Texas at a blistering 16 mph?

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