Meramec River Crossing - Bridge 109.8 - Goltra, MO, MP 109.6 - Salem Branch - Rolla Subdivision

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    Steel portion of this bridge consisted of one 132'-4 1/2" through pin connected truss (TPCT) and one 30'-0" deck plate girder (DPG).

    The bridge was adjacent and parallel to the east of Missouri M Highway just south of Goltra, MO, MP 109.6.

    Bridge was removed when the Salem Branch was abandoned south of Lead Junction.

    At one time the Sligo Branch connected at Goltra and ran to the southeast. Today Old Mine Road uses a portion of the former railroad right of way.

    Old Mine Road is located to the northeast of the former bridge location at the foot of the hillside bluff.

    The Frisco crosses the Meramec River 7 times. These crossings included 4 bridges on the Rolla Subdivision, 2 bridges on the Rolla Subdivision, Salem Branch and 1 bridge on the St. Louis Subdivision.

    These bridges include the following crossings.

    Bridge 18.2 near Valley Park, MP 17.9 - Rolla Subdivision
    Bridge 25.6 near Eureka, MP 27.2 - Rolla Subdivision
    Bridge 36.3 near Pacific, MP 34.1 - Rolla Subdivision
    Bridge 45.3 near Moselle, MP 46.0 - Rolla Subdivision
    Bridge 92.2 near Birds Nest, MP 92.5 - Salem Branch
    Bridge 109.8 near Goltra, MP 109.6 - Salem Branch
    Bridge 18.9 near Ten Brook, MP 20.8 - St. Louis Subdivision

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