Memphis Interchanges - 1940s-1950s

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    Does anyone know what railroads the Frisco interchanged with in Memphis in the 1940s and 1950s?

    If anyone could find a page from the ORER that would be great, but I would be more than happy to find anything.
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    In the 1940s and 1950s at Memphis the Frisco interchanged with the following railroads.

    Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific (CRIP) Railroad
    Gulf, Mobile and Ohio (GM&O) Railroad - Via the Southern, no GM&O facilities at Memphis
    Illinois Central (IC) Railroad
    Louisville and Nashville (L&N) Railroad
    Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis (NC&StL) Railway - Louisville and Nashville (L&N) Railroad after 1957
    St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern (StLIM&S) Railway - Missouri Pacific (MP) Railroad
    St. Louis Southwestern (SSW) Railway
    Southern (SOU) Railway
    Union Railway of Memphis (URY) - Missouri Pacific (MP) Railroad

    If you are looking for information on railroads suggest you reference The Official Guide of the Railways now known as The Official Railway Guide. The "guide" has provided information by railroad including some system maps, index of railroad stations, important industry news briefs, company officers, significant personnel changes, key railroad officials, new passenger train announcements, some connecting steamship schedules, limited high priority freight schedules, etc.

    The Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER) provides railroad car equipment information including reporting marks, numbers, dimensions, capacities, car specialties or restrictions, etc. Freight connections and junction points are listed by railroad line, by city. Because they are listed by railroad, this can be somewhat tedious to search for an individual location, especially for larger rail lines with many connections or junctions.

    Hope this helps.


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    Good information, Mark!
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    Thank you Mark, this should help quite a bit.

    Looking at the maps, I assume the Rock Island, Missouri Pacific, the Cotton Belt would have been among the Frisco's biggest interchange partners in Memphis, as they were coming from the west.

    I am sure the Illinois Central coming from Chicago would also have exchanged a lot of traffic with the Frisco.

    I am less sure about the L&N, NC&StL, and Southern, as they came into Memphis from the northeast-east.
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    Would it be safe to say that the Frisco had better relations with the Rock Island, compared to the MoPac and the Cotton Belt?
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    Historically, Frisco and Rock Island were on good terms with each other as a result of corporate ties and a lack of overlapping routes (they even tried merging), whereas Frisco was a fierce rival of MoPac and Cotton Belt.
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