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    Leflore, OK. 3/27/96

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    Please see the following link for a trackside view of the Le Flore, OK depot.


    The depot's agent / operator bay faces ?. Can anyone confirm the specific address / location? Leflore is on the Arthur Subdivision at mile post 468.6. To date I have been unable to locate an original site address, orientation, or other historical information on this structure. Any help in obtaining photographs, measurements, field notes or other documentation and posting it to this site would be greatly appreciated.

    The depot is in need of extensive restoration. Fortunately, the roof has been covered with corrugated sheet metal which will in the short term help preserve the structure.

    The depot address is believed to be near Line Street (a/k/a Main Street or County Road 159) and the former railroad right of way. It is currently being used for a farm storage building.

    Hope this helps.


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  3. William Jackson

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    You may want to give me a call, I helped with the Turntable ay Kansas Avenue Yard. That was a fun project !
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    That's a good deal.
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    Making great progress on this! Kudos to you and the crew!

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    Karl, the link below shows the dimensions of railroad signage. Direct your attention to the image of the sign with the word "Joplin" for instructions on placement and materials for creating the name board for depots.

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