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    Leflore, OK. 3/27/96

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    Please see the following link for a trackside view of the Le Flore, OK depot.


    The depot's agent / operator bay faces ?. Can anyone confirm the specific address / location? Leflore is on the Arthur Subdivision at mile post 468.6. To date I have been unable to locate an original site address, orientation, or other historical information on this structure. Any help in obtaining photographs, measurements, field notes or other documentation and posting it to this site would be greatly appreciated.

    The depot is in need of extensive restoration. Fortunately, the roof has been covered with corrugated sheet metal which will in the short term help preserve the structure.

    The depot address is believed to be near Line Street (a/k/a Main Street or County Road 159) and the former railroad right of way. It is currently being used for a farm storage building.

    Hope this helps.


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  3. The former Frisco Le Flore, Ok Depot is now owned by and has relocated to the Oklahoma Railway Museum in Oklahoma City and is currently under restoration as the future entry/information point/gift shop and the ticket office for train rides on museum train run days or special event train runs.
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  4. More work done today on depot restoration thanks to warmer weather.

    3 new exterior windows are in now in place for the reconstructed bay and 2 interior windows for ticket office/waiting room area.

    6 other exterior windows in place with 2 more to install - one in office on wall opposite the bay and one in freight room.

    New exterior siding is on site and being primed. Old exterior siding that was salvagable, about half, has been saved but will not be reused, other half were rotted and weathered beyond possible reclamation and discarded.

    Interior siding in relatively good shape so most of it can be retained - most of the layers of paint have flaked off over the years and is almost down to the bare wood now or perhaps the original 1908 layer of paint.

    Entire roof and supports is new as old one was not structurally sound enough to be moved safely and deemed to be to far gone to be saved once removed but required removal to permit depot to be transported to OKC.

    Here are 3 shots of interior.

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  5. Could anyone provide info/pictures or source reference relating to station name sign dimensions, font used, etc and where were located on building, ? Signs it had are long gone and so must recreate them for the restoration and as yet have not run across any in service photographs of the station. Thanks.
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  6. A couple of more inside shots and the old Frisco OKC turntable to boot.

    TT sits just behind depot for time being until it is installed (finances available for building pit and other supporting infrastructure and eventual crane services) for the museums future roundhouse.

    Roundhouse will be farther down the road than TT, but at least then will having turning capabilities for any rolling stock. Maybe some temporary tracks radiating from (budget issue again) TT to park motive power and other and free up other museum tracks currently used for parking locomotives/other.

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  7. William Jackson

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    You may want to give me a call, I helped with the Turntable ay Kansas Avenue Yard. That was a fun project !
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  8. It could be 5 years or more (hopefully within the next 10 years), depending on when the funding gets fulfilled, before the TT gets installed. There is currently an old horse stable building out of the picture to the right of the depot which is presently occupying the spot where the TT will be positioned that has to be razed first. After that a contractor will do their magic and then the museum will at least have local turning capability and most likely a few temporary outdoor stall tracks before and until the 7 or 8 stall roundhouse is eventually constructed.
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  9. Some more work done last weekend. Thresholds being installed for doorways. Baggage/freight room door, although it will be non-opening was first to have threshold installed. Some interior work, mainly removal of some old paint and minor structural repairs and changes done, mainly dealing with adding bathroom in freight room area. That was about all, but any work done is another step closer to the finish line.
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  10. New siding going on now. Window issues being resolved. Freight room door change in plan to most likely to be operational rather than as originally planned to be non operating. Previous post picture showed freight room door with hardware in place - it did open and close originally. But was decided for some reason it was to be non op and hardware was removed and retained/set aside.
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    That's a good deal.
  12. Shots of siding now being applied. Freight room door decision was mainly due to trying to make buillding as air tight as possible so it was thought to just put door in place and permanently weather seal it shut without the hardware to allow it to open and close. Was done like that but can be made to be operating. But that decision is pending. I would chose operational but not my decision alone that will determine what it ends up as.

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    Making great progress on this! Kudos to you and the crew!

  14. Is there any info that would help us figure the proper basic signage and placement at least ?
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    Karl, the link below shows the dimensions of railroad signage. Direct your attention to the image of the sign with the word "Joplin" for instructions on placement and materials for creating the name board for depots.
  16. Thank you kindly. Was starting to search and would have eventually stumbled upon it. Appreciate your assistance.


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