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    In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch dated 6/15/06 there is an article indicating that Amtrak and the state of Missouri are seriously considering a new route connecting St. Louis with Springfield, MO. The state is interested in the idea so that traffic congestion on Interstate 44 could be lessened. If it happens, daily round-trip service would begin within one to two years on existing rail lines that haven't seen passenger service in 40 years. There would be stops at Kirkwood, Sullivan, Rolla and Lebanon, MO. It seems obvious that the old Frisco lines, now BNSF, are the rails that would be used. I am wondering where the Kirkwood stop might be made. The Frisco had a depot in Kirkwood but I understand it has been gone for a long time. Can anyone tell me where exactly this Kirkwood depot was located, ie., street name or intersection, or provide me with any other info about the Kirkwood depot.
    Of course, the present Kirkwood depot which is an Amtrak stop is on the UP lines. I guess they could run the new Springfield Amtrak train on the UP tracks from St. Louis and make the Kirkwood stop at the present depot and then a little further down the line, say in Valley Park where the UP and BNSF lines are side by side, make a crossover to the BNSF and continue on their track all the way to Springfield.
    I would appreciate any further info or your thoughts on this subject. Thanks.
  2. The Springfield News Leader - had a similar story on the proposed project that you are reffering to. I have attached a link for you to read.

    My thoughts are, it be would great!!!!

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    I think this is likely what is going tohappen.

    The switch from UP to BNSF rails could happen in a number of places between Valley Park and Pacific, where the UP mainline diverges to head towards KC.

    The UP line is the current route of the KC-St. Louis trains (The trains are #311 (The Kansas City Mule), #316 ( The St. Louis Mule), and #313-314 (The Ann Rutledge) ).

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    It is my understanding that the Frisco Kirkwood depot was where the line crossed Lindbergh Blvd. locally known as Kirkwood Road. There is a picture of it in Joe Collias's "Frisco Power" on page 281.
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    There's some more information on this here:

    This would remove the trackage that remains at the old Springfield Passenger station sites - both for the Frisco and the MoPac.

    The remaining Frisco tracks are the ones currently used to access what remains of the Ozark branch in one direction, and Paul Mueler in the other direction.

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