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  1. Joseph Toth

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    I would appreciate any known information on the Frisco´s Kansas City-Florida Special.

    There is the excellent TRRA publication #69 on the Texas Special but I know of nothing of the Florida trains except the info that has been posted regarding the Sunnyland.


    Joe Toth
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  2. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    The Kansas City-Florida Special ran from Kansas City to Birmingham with sleeping and chair cars carried by other RR's (SR, ACL, FEC) to Florida. It was dieselized in 1950. It was a heavy mail and express hauler from the Southern states for California and the West through Kansas City connections. The consist around 1960 through Springfield (Usually eleven cars) was four to six heavyweight "baggage" cars with storage mail and express; a 30' RPO-baggage, two chair cars, a HW diner-lounge, and three sleeping cars. An all silver SR chair car was in the "pool" and "foreign" line express cars were frequently seen in the train (ACL, SAL, SCL, N & W, SR, C of Ga., IC). A full 60' RPO ran from Memphis to Birmingham.

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  3. Rancho Bob

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    Frisco #105 & 106. KC-Memphis-Birmingham-Jessup-Jacksonville (via ACL)-Miami (through car via FEC). Birmingham-Jessup via Southern. Of course the route was cut back and cut back and even included some strange consists (see "Oh, Mr. Pullman" article by David P. Morgan which appeared in Trains magazine in the 60's, AND, for a short time Pulllman assigned UP equipment KC to Birmingham. One "Cliff Notes" reference is Lyle Key's "Midwest Florida Sunliners". Also , Mike Condren's site contains all sorts of interesting KCFS stuff. I have an interesting chart of car assignments I made up for an article on the KCFS I wrote years ago for the Southern Ry. Historical Association that was never published. Will post as soon as I can dig it up.

    (Rancho Bob)

    ** I want to say for a time that the KCFS was routed to JAX, in early heavyweight days, via the Georgia Southern & Florida from Atlanta to JAX. Need to dig out my research material.
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  4. Joseph Toth

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    What a neat train to model in any scale!

    Your artical Buck, belongs in The Meteor!!!

    Like TRRA´s #69 on the Texas Special, it has been a long time coming.

    Thanks to all, so far, for the info on the KCFS!

    Joe Toth
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  5. arkrail

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    The Kansas City-Florida Special was apparently inaugurated in (approximately) November 1911. Can anyone provide an exact date?

    Bill Pollard

    Later... One source gives the inaugural date of the KC-Florida Special as being November 26, 1911. Another source (a joint Frisco-ATSF public timetable) states that the name change from Southeastern Limited to Kansas City-Florida Special was effective November 12, 1911. At this late date, the two week difference is perhaps inconsequential, but for historical purposes, it would be nice to have the exact date. Can anyone verify either date?

    Also, it appears that the St. Louis-Memphis section of this train did not originate until Nov 24, 1912.
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  6. arkrail

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    Can someone provide the dates for the various cutbacks to the KC-Florida Special south of Birmingham, starting perhaps in 1964 when the train still carried cars to Florida? The story of losing the Florida connection is generally known, but details are fuzzy. They stopped running over the ACL and terminated in Brunswick GA -- was that an ACL initiative or Southern doing what they were known for doing at that time --killing trains by cutting off critical pieces? Was there a later time (before Sept 1965) when the KC-Florida Special ended at Birmingham with no direct connection beyond?

    Bill Pollard

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