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    I am helping the railroad museum in Drumright Oklahoma. I am trying to find where on a Frisco coach you would find the car #. The coach number is painted "1062" but that coach is in Alabama. The trucks have a name plate that says "1064." and per the Frisco all aboard news letter from Frisco volume 3:7 1988 the coach "1064" was "dismantled and sold for scrap." does this mean that the coach "1064" was striped of the vending machines and sold to the public or something along those lines. Also this coach was used in Jenks OK by the city of commence, too. this is at the Drumright museum paint with the number 1062 and was that way from Jenks city of commerce and the museum is wanting to figure out its true coach #s.

    We are just tring to figure this out. Thanks.
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    Let me know if you get any answers. I work with the museum in Alabama that owns the 1062 and still runs the car. We got our car from the Frisco in the 1960s and have the paperwork and I believe a photo of some Frisco management folks and museum members accepting delivery of the car. We are about to replace the windows in the car and repaint it back in a "Pullman Green" Frisco paint scheme. At any rate, we have had some members looking randomly at information online about our car and several have asked me how another museum can have the 1062 if we do. I told them not to worry, we are 100 percent sure of our cars history, in fact the car number was in numerous places on the car in addition to the official paperwork. Anyway, it would be interesting to know who numbered the car in Oklahoma 1062 and why they chose to do so, or if it was just by some random mistake.
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    Also, quite often on the cars, the car number will be stamped into the wood on the side of windows, or tops or bottoms of doors. A lot of the time there are car numbers written on the backs of mirrors/mirror glass. We have found this to be the case in many cars. I think on our coach the 1062, even the wreck tools had the car number stamped on them. Some railroads were more fanatical about numbering and lettering everything. I am not sure to what degree Frisco did this though. Even one of the vestibule diaphrams had the car number on it. On another Frisco car we used to have there were even brass tags (painted over of course) attached to the side of each truck set with some sort of identification or rebuild numbers but they also had the car number on them. Its just basically an effort in searching. The car is bound to tell you its number somehow. Might take some exploration though.
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    I'm probably late to the party on the one, and I guess you've figured things out by now. I just stumbled across this thread though, and I'll throw this in, just in case. 1064 wasn't dismantled, but went into MW service as 108204. When the Frisco Museum was operating, I was able to copy several documents related to passenger cars, one of which is the "Historical Record - Passenger Car Equipment". That list shows that 1064 was renumbered during 3-72, while 1062 was donated to the Heart of Dixie RR Club 2-68. Another record listing MW cars (mostly complete) shows the same info for 108204/1064. I have no record of the MW dispositions, but the Jenks OK Chamber of Commerce had photos of 108204 being delivered and installed on their site. Also, Arthur Johnson photos show that 1062 had three vertical battens on the lower side panels, while 1064 didn't. Current photos of both cars show that to still be the case. My apologies if this is old information.
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