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    Hi, I grew up in the Quanah/Childress TX area and recently found out about the Quanah Acme &Pacific and I’m interested in modeling it. I was born in Quanah and my Grandfather and Uncle worked at Georgia Pacific out at Acme.
  2. Welcome. You should find plenty of information here that you can use.
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    Welcome Aboard.
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    The QAP is an interesting piece of Frisco history. Here is an employee time table that includes the QAP before the through traffic from the Santa Fe was shifted north to the Avard Sub. http://frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/southwestern-division-ett-48-february-2-1969.10054/

    There is some discussion about the Santa Fe - Frisco - Seaboard run through operations within this thread:

    The short version is the 3 railroads made an agreement to share locomotives and give priority to trains running between the west coast and points in the southeastern US. From what we can find, the agreement began around 1958, and was routed through the QAP until 1973. The most notable pair is the east bound CTB (California Tulsa Birmingham) and the west bound QLA (Quanah Los Angeles).
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    Thanks guys for the welcome aboard and thank you for the information. Right now my game plain for the layout is a 12ftx12ft shelf layout set in 1980s after the merger into the bn running from the quanah yard to acme. I’m going to treat it as if the qa&p was bought out from the bn after the merger and the track is on a long term lease from the bn like with Montana rail link. Industries on layout will be acme, quanah cotton oil company and a grain elevator. I know I’m combing elements from the 50s to the 80s but I wanted more than 1 industry. Acme still runs to this day but is closing later in 2022, quanah cotton oil operated until the 90s don’t know when it stopped being switched out. As for the grain elevator don’t know when it stopped operating or if it was switched out by fwd but it’s off the qap track so I figured why not. Looking to use the athearn genesis frisco gp15-1 for motive power, not sure if I will do a repaint or just a patch out for the Qap. All thoughts are welcome
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    Jacob, Welcome Aboard!
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    Hi Jacob!
    Welcome to Frisco.org.
    I too, was born in Quanah, and grew up (to age 14) between Quanah and Paducah, a few miles closer to Paducah. My Grandfather Doyle B Cooper, worked first as a laborer, then carman, then into engine service as a fireman then retired with over 40 years of service as a locomotive engineer on the QA&P (Frisco), or known as "The Q", by locals and employees. There are very few books on the QA&P, by far the best is "The Quanah Rout" by Hofsommer. I recommend you get a copy they are still available and not too expensive.
    I also had an Uncle, William (Bill) Cooper that worked at and retired from, the Acme GP wallboard plant. GP at Acme was at one time I believe, the largest wallboard plant in the US or maybe the world. Feel free to look up all things QA&P in our search engine. I also model the QA&P, but there are precious images of QA&P equipment. Prolly cause there was precious few QA&P rolling stock or locomotives. At its best was 113 mile Railroad, for a lot of its independent existence, was little more than a switching RR for Quanah and GP at Acme. It was independent as The Quanah Acme and Pacific for about 2 years (1909-1911).
    The RR was originally chartered as the Acme Red River and Northern in 1902, Sam Lazarus then re-chartered the ARRN as the QA&P in 1909 and began westward expansion, a year later it reached Paducah, and a year later 100% controlling interest was bought by the Frisco RR, the "Q" was operated as a independent subsidiary until the end. The westward expansion's ultimate desire was to reach El Paso TX and have connections with the ATSF, SP, T&P, and others, of course this never happened, and the Q was basically forced to settle on Floydada TX and a connection with the Panhandle & Santa Fe RY, which spelled is eventual doom. A lot of colorful history for such a small RR, it didnt know it was a small RR they had agents all over the country it seemed, and they sent cards and letters all over the place and it worked for them. As it has been correctly called a little giant of a Railroad.
    I model the QA&P like it never went out of bidness, you can check out some of my MRR and models here http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/a-little-layout-progress-qa-p.4298/
    There is a lot more on this site about mine and other very good modelers on the QA&P.
    Please ask questions if you have them, a pretty friendly bunch of people on this site.
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    You can letter like I did this GP15 SLSF- 107 sub-lettered for QA&P. This was actually done on the real one by Q employees for the last run from Floydada to Quanah.
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    That looks great, really like the weathering on the engine. I settled on a switching layout design because I don’t believe I have enough room to do a proper Quanah to Floydata layout. There’s to much awesome areas to model between the two small farming communities.
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