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Discussion in 'Bridges' started by john, Oct 19, 2015.

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    Does anyone know where I might get a look at a Frisco List of Steel Bridges printed prior to 1954? The bridge I am interested in is bridge B-442.8 over Cherokee Creek, Central Division, Mansfield Branch (Little Rock & Texas). Later steel bridge lists show this as a 4 section, 100' bridge which dates to 1954 (53' 5 1/2" main span). In 1918 (ICC Valuation) it seems to have been a 189' bridge (with a 100' steel truss span). I'm hoping to locate information on what the other 89' of the bridge consisted of. Any help appreciated.
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    John- I have a Mansfield Branch Track chart marked "Frisco Lines " that I believe corresponds to the 1938-1947 time frame. I am having a problem with the scan. Please let me have your mailing address.
    Tom Duggan
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    Tom, thank you very much for the chart copy. The information is much appreciated. In my opinion the time frame for the chart is much earlier than your estimate. I base this on the large number of side tracks shown on the chart which were removed between 1915 and 1926. I would "guess" its date as between 1910 and 1916. AGAIN, THANKS

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