Frisco Passenger Train Report June 7, 1963

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  1. arkrail

    arkrail Member Supporter

    A report was prepared for the Frisco in 1963 detailing savings that might be achieved by changes in passenger train operation. The Frisco Museum may have reprinted the report at some point during its existence. Is the report on line here ( Searches have turned up nothing. Thanks.

    Bill Pollard
  2. gstout

    gstout Member Supporter

    That would be a very interesting read.

  3. fr613

    fr613 Member Supporter

    Bill, I have a copy of that report. I sent you a note on Facebook Messenger.

    Dan Hall
    Fort Smith
  4. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Dan, is there any way we could get you to scan that report and post it on the forum?
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  5. fr613

    fr613 Member Supporter

    I'll work on that. Its about 50 pages with the addendums and appendixes. I'll see if Kinkos/Fedex has a quicker way.
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