Frisco #1100 observation car; original specifications

Discussion in 'Business Cars' started by chris, Sep 13, 2003.

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    Not sure, they are rough and old for sure. If it looks like the scrappers are coming I will save them.
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    I've lost all track of these business cars since I put that article (posted on this site someplace) together. But I'm pretty sure this isn't the car originally numbered 1100, but one of the newer cars converted from diners in the 1940's. Does anyone know a link to the article and photos on business cars that I posted? There may be some more information on the car pictured.

    Tom G.
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    Hey Tom, in post #5 in this thread there is a link to your info. It is the car in your post #7 in this thread, with what was know about it then.
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  5. Is anyone here seriously interested in owning this car?
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    I have stopped by the 1100 a couple times this week. I thought maybe something finally happened with it as a crew was servicing and doing a air test on the only other car left there. I talked to the guys working and they said only the Maine Coast car has sold. It is about to be moved to Denison, Ohio. 1100 still has no takers. I have tried to convince my dad he needs this in his yard. Maybe if you guys all pressure him here........:D
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    Went by yesterday. The Maine Coast car is gone now. The FRISCO car is the only thing left of what had been a rather makeshift collection. It now sits alone and not in a great area.
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