Freight Scheme on e8's?

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    The Archive has two photos of 2020 in freight colors both taken in 1967. Were any of the other e8's put into this paint job and what year were they taken out of service?
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    Nick -
    According to Dr. Mike Condren's old "Paint Shop" Column on E-Unit paint schemes...

    ...only #2017, 2020 and 2022 received the orange/white scheme, designated as "FR-P6" in his article. I'd swear that I've read in Frisco in Color that there were a total of four E8As that were painted in this scheme, but I'd have to check.

    With the demise of Frisco passenger service in 1967, the E units were disposed of shortly thereafter. Dr. Condren lists 1967-1969 as the era for the FR-P6 scheme; I can't find any actual disposition dates right now, but perhaps others can chime in or I'll look later.

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    Glad I checked, since my initial guess was wrong.

    Marre and Sommers' Frisco Power note that "...2017 was one of three repainted in July [1967] with the mandarin orange and white image."

    They further note that 11 of 23 E-Units were gone by August 1967, with all gone by October 1968.

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