DCC Motherboard Question (Athearn Genesis)

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    Re: Resistors for LED lights vs incandescent.

    Ath Gen (AG) DCC equipped locomotives with LED lights work right out of the box. So I'm guessing that the requisite resistors for the LED lights are on the DCC motherboard?

    I'm installing a Railpro (RP) module into an DCC "Ready" (vs DCC "Equipped") AG locomotive with LED lights.

    On previous installs, I hardwired the module in, bypassing the motherboard/lightboard. This time I want to utilize the motherboard to save some hardwiring if possible. In the photo for the LED equipped installation it shows resistors in the diagram.

    The RP module has a 9-pin connector that plugs into the 21-pin connector on the motherboard via adapter harness. This 9-pin connector powers/controls the front lights (see diagram). The RP module has a 6-pin connector that powers/controls the rear lights.

    My question is does the motherboard contain resistors, for the front, since the RP module via 9 to 21 pin connector plugs into the motherboard?

    I figure I'll have to hardwire resistors into the rear lights since the RP module 6-pin connector does not go thru the motherboard.

    I admit I miss the Navy tech manuals where I'd figure it out. (Electronics Tech/RADIAC Calibration and Repair Tech). My background makes me want to understand the motherboard internal functions.

    Note: for the curious, Railpro calls their units modules vs decoders because they are transceivers/decoders as opposed to simply decoders. The locomotives talk to the Handheld Remote and compare current load with each other in real time for consist operation.
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    On the Genesis OEM boards for locomotives that have LEDs, the resistors are on the DCC motherboard. If you connect to the 21 pin connections on the motherboard, then you will be fine. The 9 pin connector on your module has the correct layout compared to standard DCC 9 pin connections. You will have to hard wire resistors between the 6 pin connector and LED lighting (1K is suggested).
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    Thanks Keith, for validating that for me.
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