CT11-B STD Time Record from from 1917

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    Cool! Was he in the same area as my Grandfather or a different section?
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    In the period of these time sheet records the three stations you inquired about were located as follows.

    Bowden - MP 432.5, Cherokee Subdivision (later Oklahoma Subdivision), 80 car siding, 10 cars other tracks - Creek County, Oklahoma

    Francis - MP 539.1, Creek Subdivision / Sherman Subdivision, Yard, facilities included fuel, water, turntable, wye, clock, bulletin board - Pontotoc County, Oklahoma

    Warwick - MP 502.8, Oklahoma Subdivision, 46 car siding, 45 cars other tracks, crossing with the Fort Smith and Western (FS&W) Railway, crossing protected by a gate against the FS&W, facilities included water - Lincoln County, Oklahoma

    Hope this helps.


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    Really neat to see these, Mark Poley - thanks for sharing. I have several stacks of post-war "FRISCO" Time Record pads, but haven't seen them filled out before.

    Best Regards,
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    Thank you Mark. Now I know where to look. I appreciate it.
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    Thank you, Chris. Do the forms look anything like the ones I posted from 1917?
    Thanks again, Mark

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