Collision Derailment Kills Four - Run Away Cars On Main Track - Olustee, OK - 1:45 AM - 6/3/1970

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    I also found these photographs, most with captions on The Gateway to Oklahoma History.

    It is a service of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

    The links to each are below.

    Please be advised, some of these are at the scene the night early morning the crash was discovered and are of rescue and recovery operations.

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    From the Oklahoma Historical Society website linked in Steve's post.

    "These photographs have been made publicly available for use in research, teaching, and private study by Oklahoma Historical Society in partnership with The Gateway to Oklahoma History, a digital repository hosted by the University of North Texas Libraries. You are free to link to any publicly accessible URL associated with this photograph. At this time, no copyright or licensing has been determined."

    Four Oklahoma City area trainmen were killed early today when 25 cars and two engines of a Frisco freight were twisted into a tangled mass of wreckage as the train rammed into seven boxcars which had rolled onto the main line from a siding at Olustee.



    Huge cranes move into scene of a freight train boxcar collision in a massive clean-up operation near Olustee.


    Loaded boxcars overturned Wednesday morning as a freight train and seven stray boxcars rammed together near Olustee killing four Frisco crewmen.



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    Here is a tribute to the Frisco crew killed at Olustee, OK.

    This was created by Mr. Brent Payne, Railroad Manager, for the Transportation Division of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) in Oklahoma City, OK.

    My appreciation and thanks to Brent for creating this and sending it to me.


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