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    Sirs: I am looking for track diagrams for the following cities around the late 50's to early 60's on the Chaffee Sub, Southern division. This is my first post on this sight, and don't know if this is where I'm supposed to ask this question. I do not have any access to your earlier publications on the Frisco from the FMIG days to consult. Any help will be appreciated. I am currently building a layout based on Frisco equipment, but I had rather build some locations specific to the Frisco rather than more of a freelance layout. By basic room size is a 12X30' room in the attic of my home. The primary cities I am looking for information include Chaffee,Sikeston,Kewanee,Conran,Portageville,Hayti,Steele,Blytheville,Osceola,Wilson,
    and Turrell. I live in Collierville, TN and the Chaffee Sub is relatively close at hand to do hands on research. Thanks for your time, Lynn Hodge P.S. Any information or direction to answers to my post is appreciated. I can be contacted off-line at Many thanks, slsf717
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    I'm looking for the yard layout in Chaffee MO. No luck on any info yet.
    Like you I'd like to do a real place. My mother,grandmother, great grandfather and great grandmother lived in chaffee.I'm trying to find old photos that my grandmother may still have. If I find anything that may be of help I'l send it along. If you find any info let me know.
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    Greetings from one River Division buff/modeler to others!

    I've posted an early 20th century map of the Chaffee railroad facilities - see

    Somewhere I have some Sanborn maps of the roundhouse/car repair tracks that I'll have to find.

    While I'm not sure what era you're modeling, I've posted a drawing of proposed roundhouse/track changes at Chaffee to accomodate diesel servicing that Karl Brand provided to me at

    While I don't have detailed plans, I have some crude sketches that I made from Sanborn and topo maps of some of the Chaffee Subdivision towns. Feel free to contact me offlist and I'll see what I can find in my files.

    Best Regards,
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    Blacksmith, I have on my site at the 1927 Sanborn maps of Chaffee which include all of the railroad buildings of that time. You can go to the site at and check out all of the neat Frisco stuff in the railroad section or go directly to the maps at All of the maps are located in the Chaffee history section. Let me know if I can help with anything else.
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    I started building a layout of nearly the same size (14 x 28) in December of 2007. I built a double deck, point to point, gradual climb vs using a helix.
    I model Crystal City to Oran along the St. Louis and Chaffee subdivisions.
    North staging is St. Louis and south staging is points beyond Oran such as Memphis.
    Chaffee is my main yard for transfers, interchanges and NB/SB crew changes.
    I base operations off late 1930's early 1940's timetables. Because in later years the traffic along this line dropped off considerably.
    My equipment used, is mostly from late 40's to late 50's and my industries taken from sanborn maps from 1910 to 1920's and any other source that I come across.
    The mix of history makes for a little more interest than actual reality of the Frisco in the mid to late fifties.
    I work two other railroads into the mix. The Chicago & Eastern Illinois shares the yard at Chaffee and the Missouri Illinois (MP) inter changes or shares the real estate in the towns of Crystal City, Ste Genevieve, Cape Girardeau and Oran.
    I have had six operating secessions thus far. Some day I hope to establish a working timetable.
    You can email me off line at
    Bob Brady

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