Bolivar, MO

Discussion in 'Depots A-F' started by aaron, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. dricketts

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    Gret pic and thank you! What direction is the photographer facing?
  2. Oldguy

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    I am guessing ESE as the depot should have been out of frame to the right.

    Look at post #17 for reference
  3. Oldguy

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  4. yardmaster

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    Looks like Bring your Dog to Work Day. :)

    Interesting photo, Bob. I always assumed that the Bolivar "Spanish-Theater" style or whatever one calls it and its brethren would have been stucco over brick or block, rather than what looks to clearly be frame construction.

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  5. Oldguy

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    Chris - on the depot plans it stated 2x6 walls, but yeah, the construction seems weird. Another thing the photo answers is why the depot plans differ than what various photos show. It would appear that the depot was in fact built per plans, but sometime later the express room door was covered up and moved to the other side into the main waiting room.

    I assume that the "freight house" seen in the back was the original depot??

    BTW - I have searched all over the Missouri archive digital collection and this photo never came up using the "standard" search terms, such as depot, Frisco, Bolivar, etc. It came up while doing a search for Walnut Grove. Go figure.
  6. yardmaster

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    Indeed, I've had weird luck searching there, too.

    For what it's worth, they've just broken ground for a new State Historical Society of Missouri HQ in Columbia. It'll be much larger than their current catacomb-like location in Ellis Library off of Hitt St., and also much more accessible for the non-campus researcher.

    Definitely a gem, Bob. Thanks for finding and for sharing,

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