Birmingham Terminal Jobs 13 June 1967

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    Through my many years researching the Birmingham Terminal I came across this gem. I hope some day I'll be able to work out what this list would look like in 1979.

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  2. I am new to the site, but not new to SL-SF. I was a Switchman on Birmingham Terminal in 1968, and am working on a article about working on the Bham Belt. As much as I have tried on-line, I do not see any specific Terminal Maps that Frisco had for Bham. And having retired from Southern/NS, I do know that Engineering always mapped their terminals. )I do have an original cy. of the famous 1935 Terminal Map of Birmingham, but much of it is too condensed to split out the various dashed lines.)

    So, it would be logical that an SL-SF Engineering map of Frisco's Bham Terminal trackage existed, but where would one be now? Fro my work for the Southern Railway Historical Society in Kennesaw, I know that NS donated (thanks to Wick Moorman) almost all historical records to SRHA. Did BN-SF donate the same, or are the historical records scattered over various persons who "rescued" this stuff?
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    Welcome to the Frisco website, Stephen.

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    Stephen, Ken McElreath models the Birmingham area and may have something to share.

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