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    Hi All
    I just received a copy of (The Official Guide Standard Time of the Railways and Steam Navigation Lines of the United States Porto Rico Canada Mexico and Cuba) from a good friend who is an ex Frisco employee out of Springfield Mo. Thumbing through this volume published in June of 1950 I came across the Alabama Tennessee and Northern Railroad. What caught my eye was the fact they were using the Frisco Coon Skin herald. After researching this site I found the history thread that Mike posted in 2001 I have posted the scans from this book showing company information and timetables. I do not know if this has been posted before or not and decided I would post this info for anybody interested.:)

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    Howdy Darren,

    Thanks for posting the diagrams. I don't believe we had that one and it is a great addition to the library.

    Best regards,
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    You are quite welcome the book I received has a lot of info on the Frisco as well but very fragile when I get my legal size scanner running I can scan those pages as well. Holding the book and trying to scan pages is just not an option. There maybe some new info maybe not I don’t know:)

    Have a great day

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    thanks for posting

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