Assorted Freight Cars - Red Caboose flat car sold (PULLED FROM SALE)

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by davidgaines, Oct 24, 2023.

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    E & C Car Shops 0526 52'6" D&RGW mill gondola. New in box. Price on box is $9.95.
    E & C Car Shops 0530 52'6" Frisco mill gondola. New in box. Price on box is $9.95.
    Sunshine Models #4.2 40' Frisco steel side rebuild boxcar. No price on box so $20.00.
    Red Caboose 2210A 40' Frisco flat car with fish belly side sills. Price on box is $9.50 but sticker on top has $8.47. SOLD
    So make it $40.00 plus shipping.
    DSC01102.JPG DSC01103.JPG DSC01104.JPG DSC01105.JPG
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  2. I am partially curious on the Red Caboose Frisco flatcar. Can I request a more up close shot of the sides? I want to get a look at the reporting marks, see if its fitting for the era I plan to model (1912 ish to 1943/1944).

    Or...are you selling this as a whole lot, not willing to break anything up?

    Either way, thank you for reading!
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    Sorry. I just got your message. Yes, I am willing to break the lot. Posting pics of each side below. Blt date 12-27, new date 1-28. Should fit your time frame. I will be out early tomorrow so can ship it then. $8.47 + shipping. The kit box is just a bit too long for a USPS small flat rate box which is sort of good. There is room in the box for 2 short blue boxes if anything else interests you. Box will be light. Shipping should be too.
    DSC01180.JPG DSC01181.JPG
    I will need a shipping address.
  4. Let me think this over for now, especially since I have no way to privately contact you if I decide yes. I am unfortunately running out of shelf space, and some boxes and things have to be rearranged first.
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    My email -
    I do have someone else interested in the car.
  6. Ah, then in that case talk to the other guy first. That's all right if he can wants it before I can.
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    Ok, the flat car is sold.
  8. Sounds good, thank you at least for the pictures and your time :)

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