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    I'm new to posting questions to this group.
    You my reply to my email friscorpb@gmail.com, I will check back to look for replies. Not quite sure how this site works.
    Here is my question: What type cars (reefers) would have one expected to see running in the #834 north bound "Florida Fruit" headed for St. Louis in the late 1950's ?
    Interested in adding reefers of correct road names and style.

    Thanks, Bob Brady
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    I will try to e-mail a reply but I am posting here in the hopes that others will chime in, as I am far from being authoritative on this matter.

    I have read that the Frisco often leased reefers from Merchants Despatch (MDT reporting marks) during the strawberry rush from Southeast Missouri, so I've always felt that a representative amount of these would look appropriate on Train 834.

    I have also see pictures (through the Library of Congress?) of bananas being loaded at the Mobile Docks into a Northern Refrigerator Line (NRC). I've always presumed that blocks of bananas could have been shipped north on AT&N rails and eventually finding their way to St. Louis on 834.

    As this is all conjecture, I would love to get my hands on some train lineups for that era. My kingdom for some old waybills!

    Best Regards,

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