E8A 2020 (EVDA Slides)

E8A 2020 (EVDA Slides)
FriscoCharlie, Jun 14, 2013
    • Bruce Adams
      "Bye-Bye Big Red" ... any guesses (or facts) on the date and location of this? I wonder if the person writing the graffiti meant that the engine was going to scrap (or was this painted into O/W?), or that this was the last run of whatever train it was heading up.
    • pensive
      The top 2 pictures on page 75 of Greg Stout's Frisco in Color, Volume 2 show "Big Red" at the same time and location as the above photo. It's the last run of The Oklahoman in April, 1967 at Newburg MO. #2020 was later painted in the mandarin orange and white scheme though Frisco passenger service would not survive the year. --Rich
    • gstout
      Wow, somebody read the book. Thanks!

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