Frisco 1522.

Frisco 1522, ah yes.The legend. Here she is when I visited her in June 2009. We all basicly know the history of 1522. But some people don't know why shes running. Well reasons are... She needs to have new flues, superheaters cheaked for good use, also its expensive to lease out passenger cars for a trip (with each car being anyweere from $2,000 to $5,000 each per day), also fuel costs are $25 a mile, and trackage rights can be anywere from $35 to $65 a mile. And the 2 biggest wammys are, that the ex-Mopac main the 1522 has to take outta the NMOT is so cloged, theres barely any room for her. And the biggest prob is she has Friction bearing drivers.And that is almost forbiddin on a class 1 railroad.

TeenRailroader4524, May 20, 2010
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