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  2. I agree, I looks too uniform to be faded, with an fade on the cupola. The red still looks close and so does the building so I doubt bad film development. Plus it has no sign of weathering.

    Reading through old threads here I never saw any answers and I have not seen any other pictures with this color on 1240 and in service.
    I figured maybe Mark or Karl are the best bets for info? I’d sure like to know.
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    There's a B/W pic of it with the other units with that paint scheme and it stands out as different from the rest - definitely lighter. I mean, even the trucks are that color. This pic looks like the same setting - maybe it was rolled out, someone looked at it after a couple pics were taken, then rolled back in for a repaint? :ROFLMAO:

    B/W pic post:
  4. I totally think the same thing. I rolled out and somebody said “ WHAT???” and it rolled right back in the paint shop. I’d sure love to know.....
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    I keep staring at my 1045 that I'm building and looking at my photos and I've decided to take the torch and remove the running boards and start over. It just doesn't look right and I'll never be happy with it. I'll have to build steps from the pilot to the running board, which I hate with a passion. But I want the thing to be right and look right.
    Trying to keep up with health issues with both the wife and myself has made me crabbier (you didn't think that was possible) Old age and essential tremors are the cherry on the sundae.
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    Hey All,

    Thursday before I remembered Workshop Wednesday! Hope everyone is doing OK.

    This past week, I worked on some operations setup in JMRI. I also had lost my previous files when my personal computer was stolen from a hotel meeting room. Oh well, a chance to start over.

    I thought I would work on a version of the operations with the partial layout that is set up now.


    The idea is to run a couple of trains from the upper left (Afton Sub Interchange) into Weir and back and have JMRI create a switch list. I made two trains, one a "Brickyard" train that also switches Youngs Mine #2 on the way out of town, and a local to Weir for the local industries. Each of these is a 6-8 car train, which is about what the layout was designed to handle.

    For JMRI, you create a list of cars and place them at various locations.


    You create locations with spurs, interchanges, staging, etc. and define a route for the train (what locations will it visit). Then define which trains will follow which routes.


    A fine point here is that at some point you need to swap cars on and off of the layout with the old 0-5-0. I simply defined a route that includes a visit to a "storage" spur, as the first and last point on the routes and a train that is just a MoPac from storage visiting the interchange.

    The car routing can be simple or complicated. You can define empties and loads for the mine hoppers for example. You can say what kinds of cars visit what industries and with what frequencies.

    JMRI will create a "Manifest" or switch list for the train which, for my layout, is a single page:


    This is the Brickyard train.

    Plenty of fun with about 35 cars and the good old ten-wheeler!

    Take Care All!

    -Bob T.
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    Sorry to hear about your wife and your health issues Don. Wishing you two get to feeling better soon.

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    Double Postings this week:

    Also did a bit of work on the layout. There are just a few areas that do not have basic ground cover or the planned scenery installed.

    One item is "paving?" the dirt roads in Weir City. The Main Street will be a wide street with parking for the businesses. At certain times, it had an interurban down the middle of the road. The HO version had not been paved, so added the normal dirt road made with some Arizona Rock and Mineral "Store Bought" dirt mixed with fine grout. Weir-Main-St-sm.jpg

    Will go back and shade the tracks that the cars would leave and parking areas. You can see from the structure placed, that there will be wood sidewalks. I am hoping someone here knows of a source to purchase these as laser-cut or otherwise, as I need them for the length of the street here and not all buildings come with them.

    Another area is "Oak Street" which needed the same pavement and is adjacent to a ditch that will have a double-track wood trestle/culvert. I had previously left the roadbed and ballast, but this week used a coffee break to cut out the track support and cut the pieces for the wood structure:



    Waiting on some stain to come in that was ordered from Amazon. Will soak these to stain as aged wood and then assemble.

    We also had another ten-wheeler come in after M.B. Klein had the one with sound for only $123.00. I will remove the ATSF number and herald and make it a nice Frisco locomotive, even if marginally prototypical. I think Karl had decided on a good number for me....will check the past postings.


    The front coupler box was drooping, but I will replace couplers with semi-scale Kadees.

    Enjoy and Take Care All,

    -Bob T.
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    Sorry to hear about your computer Bob.

    I had a Ford van that was broken into twice, the first time they took a set of shocks, CB radio and destroyed the glove box door. Inside was my checkbook with $200 but luckily they didn't take it, I had just moved into an apartment that day and forgot to take it in.

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    Thanks Joe. It has been a while, but still irks me.

    -Bob T.
  12. I finished this up this week for my dad. Two little Funaro and Camerlengo resin diesels. Quick little kits, fun and simple to build.
  13. A quickie for myself here. Atlas car with factory paint. I just faded a little and some pastels for dirt.
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    Are those critters powered?
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  15. No they are not. They claim they can be but he just wanted them as loads for a flatcar. Not much room in them but as much as an N scale engine anyway.
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  16. I finished up some cars for my normal customer they get picked up tonight so I took some quick photos.. If it was 1980 the GN and SLSF equipment would soon be related.
  17. Here is a couple more I did for him on his layout . Sorry no Frisco :( But the Tangent cars will be on their website.
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    All are great looking Steve. I like the tank car the best, it's well used.

  19. Thanks Joe I appreciate it.
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    Steve, I’ll echo Joe’s thoughts. The weathering on the Dow tank car is superb.

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