Wilmot, KS

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    Neat find, Robert. Looks rather like the same ilk as the 1906 standard plans - perhaps close to 1A .- as posted some time ago by Karl?


    I've always thought the roofs on these wood be a really doozy to scratchbuild.
    Looks like the mike cans are either ready to be shipped to market or for the dairy farmer to pick them backup.
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    Fred Pavey's is a marvelous photo which shows several details in the photo of this recently-built (to the new Frisco 1906 Standard Plan) at Wilmot, KS (Beaumont Sub). Unfortunately, Mike Condren’s station diagrams don’t include this station, so it is difficult to put a firm date on the photo. It appears that it is in the oxide livery, and the station sign uses a period after the name, WILMOT. A date of 1906-1916 would seem to be reasonable. In the foreground, a platform lamp is visible. It’s only the second time that I’ve seen one depicted in a photo. Very few Frisco depots of the period were electrically lit, and these lamps were used to illuminate the platform, and no doubt, they were placed near the train order stand as well. I have never seen these for sale, and I wonder if any survived and reside in someone’s collection.

    The ubiquitous baggage truck and milk can complete the scene.

    In the background, the Section House and the Section Tool House are visible. Both structures appear to be in the oxide livery.

    The photographer of coach 969 captured an image of another platform lamp in the attached cabinet card.
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    In the 1916 photo from the Kansas Historical Society site, I find it interesting that the platform lamp appears to be missing and that the Train Order Board has been replaced by a Train Order Lantern compared to the 1912 photo posted by Fred.
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