Where are these photos from?

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    Got these from the Alden Armstrong collection, post with permission. Any ideas where they were taken?
    Tom Holley

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  2. mark

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    These photos were taken in Kansas City.

    Rodney Milling is located near 29th Street Interlocking. Today the I-35 overpass would partially block the view of the elevator head house on the right edge of the first photo. The concrete silos have been torn down. The "Tanks" building has also been removed.

    Please see this link for a Google Maps image. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=kansa...hnear=Kansas+City,+Jackson,+Missouri&t=h&z=19

    Hope this helps.


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  3. gjslsffan

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    Man, that didn't take long, Thanks Mark
    Tom Hlley
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    Dear Tim -

    You gotta work on your typpping skells!

  5. wmrx

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    I would have guessed these were taken in Kansas City, but I had no idea about the exact location. I have been by this area numerous times in the last few years and it sure has changed from when these photos were taken. Do we know what the date was?

    Thanks to Tom for posting and thanks to Mark for providing the details.
  6. mark

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    Thought might enjoy this shot from an earlier time.

    The train is headed toward 19th Street Yard. The 29th Street Interlocking tower is on the right. Rodney Milling is above the train. Please see the following link. http://rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=778543

    Hope this helps.


  7. Karl

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    Near 29th Street KCMO

    Never mind
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    Dosen't look like the weed spray program is working

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