Was there a wye here?

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  1. Chris,
    Discussion in 'Salem Branch' etc started by Explorer Chris, Mar 26, 2015.

    My answers will be in bold typing them behind each of your questions
    In each new connersation.
    Your discussion in 'salem branch' etc started by explorer chris, mar 26, 2015.
    To many qestions in one conversations
    From mountaincreekar charles
    Here are some of my answers
    Best to ask ~ 4 questions in each new coversation
    That allows a different topic named for each new conversation
    Over lapping your questions with my answers are in bold
    Go the wiki-missouri railroads . com
    For dates of the owners for each railroad in missouri.
    These are ownership.
    A few are parent componies of the operating railroad.
    Some rows are track rights. .
    salem branch started in cuba in 1871 , got to salem 1873
    Branches had different construction dates.
    "lead jct" to viburnam, dates ~ 1966 by frisco, 1980 by bn , bnsf 1996 to 2005,
    Now unused
    Abandoned roadbed from just north of cook station
    All salem branch had rails removed ~1984-85
    Except for some nearby cuba yard for local industries.
    That also ran over to viburnam. ???
    I'm not familiar with that software, my topo maps .com
    The abandoned line from north of cook station 1984 for all of salem branch.
    Lead line 1966 had leadjunction with salem branch
    Lead junction used both southern routs 1984 to
    would've been the frisco no to to sligo .
    1880-1881 paid for by sligo furnace railroad 1880-1881.
    Handed over to st. louis salem and little rock rr 1881.
    sligo to viburnum ould've been the sligo and eastern.
    Sligo to dillard s&e 1902 started from east prong crooked creek
    When the got their first shay loco ~ 1903
    S&e got to dillard ~ 1909 ~
    The point north of cook station was called goltra junction. yes ~ 1.5 miles to the north
    Where there was a bridge over the meramec river.
    Was the st. louis salem and little rock railroad 1871 to 1877.
    1876 frisco was incorpored (spun off) by atlantic and pacific.
    Frisobtain those midwest rows.
    St. louis salem and little rock railroad became the st. louis salem and arknasas rr.
    St. louis salem and arknasas rr became slsf ~ 1880.
    Check this at wili - railroads in mo.com .
    That will get you to using that wiki website
    Leadline built in 1966-67 by the frisco yes
    What rr was the abandoned line to viburnam?
    1929 s&e stopped operating.
    Furnace blew-out ~ 1921.
    (built?) viburum from dillard expansion was in 1912
    And was paid for by the iron county central railroad 1912 - 1913.
    Icc-rr investment assoc. owned the row. s&e had a lease from icc-rr.
    S&e was the only rr to use the tracks and it had all the rolling stock,
    Employees and equipment.
    Yes, the row from dillard was were today is the highway
    Except on the first hill it was/is to steeps.
    So there the row left the highway, had a switch back eastward looping
    Around the hill's knob; and next the row next slowly worked its way up
    The side of the east hollow's hillside to then merge back to the highway row.
    on that first hill was also 2 spurs. the 1stwestward allong the hill's west ridgeline.
    The 2nd spur was at the middle of the looping and
    Went eastward along the decaying ridge line.
    How far that spur was is debatible since the ridgeline split
    Into to separated ridgelines,
    One to the ne and the other to the east.
    Spurs were used passing track, storeage and cutting cord wood.
    (sligo branch)
    Paid for by sligo furnace railroad inc 1880-1881,....
    And then turned over to st. l s & lr rr's for their owership.
    To serve sligo furnace company. yes
    From sligo to the east it was sligo and eastern. no, 1881 sligo furnace r's railway dept.
    Until 1901. s&e inc. was 1902 - 1929.
    S&e inc and sligo furnance company inc.
    Closed their financial books in 1934.
    Frisco still used the sligo branch after 1934 for 4 to 10 years. .
    At viburnun the icc rr had a rr yard (with passing track.
    S&e rr operated the rail yard with cord wood stacked back to
    What is the football field today.
    Am i missing other major branches/
    Or early lines of the area? yes
    Crawford county midland, (cheerry valley)1904
    Sligo 1880-1881
    Dent phelps county rr
    Bangert ( northward 2 very short local spurs ]
    [ bangert 2 long branches always follow the ridgelines ]
    1st long branch to the nnw.
    2nd long branch goes wsw & west.
    Bangert 1st long branch goes nnw to blue knob mountain,
    Then w to clinton ( to now hwy 68)
    Then n to winkler mine, ( now hwy 68)
    Next n to smith's mine, ( now hwy 68)
    Then n passing by asher cemetary ( now hwy 68)
    Then (departs hwy 68) follows ridge
    ~ 1.5 miles to the north and returns to (now hwy 68)
    Goes for ~ 1.5 miles north.
    Next turns westward on decamp road
    Westard to decamp mine.
    Abandoned 1934
    Bangert condrary
    Howes sta. to plank 1874/1879
    Plank iron bank branch,
    Howe's to plank iron bank
    Condrary branch,
    Bangert to condrary
    Salem (sse) to riverside mine
    Salem (sw) to mines
    Cherry valley branch,
    Sankey to cherry valley
    Other branches
    Send me separeate conversations with just
    A few questions on each and put on other addressees
    On each coversation.
    i recommend addresses:
    Wpmorelad719 for salem branch
    Jesse henry for leadline
    Me for all
    Pick two others on each new coversaions


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    William Jackson Bill Jackson

    I have been up that line many times working several machines. That would have been in the mid 70's. I don't recall any evidence of a wye or any where an old one could have been. I didn't make it all the way to Salem, other wise I covered it all and down close to the mine.
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