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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by Daniel Dawson, Mar 21, 2021.

  1. Daniel Dawson

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    So I was gifted an older VO 1000 and it has a single stack with only short handrails on the long hood. Was wanting to paint it up in orange and white but it looks like most had double stacks and full handrails on long hood. Am I sunk or was there a variant like mine that made it into the orange/white? Thanks!
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  2. Daniel Dawson

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    I think I figured this out. I remembered to click older posts in the archives and I see that at least 214 was a match, though there may be some details that are omitted or maybe could be added with some difficulty.
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    With the VO-1000s, you really need to look at prototype photos. Frisco had 1 stack,2 stack and 4 stack versions... and this doesn’t even begin to look at the EMD repowered ones.

    If you want to change the number of stacks on the Atlas N-scale model, that is possible. The underside of the shell has dimples where the different stacks go. Atlas may have the stacks in stock, but their parts stores seem to be running low ( which is true for most of the manufacturers these days). I know I changed the stack configuration on at least one of the factory painted orange and white units because Atlas used the wrong one.

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  4. Also note the handrail change with when they were repowered with EMD prime movers. Going to full side rails then I believe.
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    There were several Frisco "pure Baldwin" VO1000's that got orange and white. The archives will help identify those that did. Here's those that I have in my SLSF Baldwin folder that were painted orange & white: 207 (4 stacks), 212 (single stack mid-hood), 213 (single stack next to front of cab, Fireman's side), 214 (single stack next to front of cab, Fireman's side), 222 (single stack next to front of cab, Fireman's side), and 232 (my pictures don't show stack location). EDIT: I think I recall the 232 had two stacks offset, and with "flared" spark arrestors? However, I don't have a photo to verify my memory.

    Be aware that Baldwin was notorious for changing small things like louvers, etc on a whim. However, like all things model railroading, it falls to one's GnC* tolerance to determine which spotting features bother you and which don't.

    (* Gnats n' Camels: What gnats you'll gag at, vs what camels you'll swallow.)

    FWIW: Your target unit, 214, had the "Phase 2 Cab" (my term). So, if the Atlas model does likewise, you'll be in good shape cab-wise.

    Here's a pic I created some years ago to help identify the difference between a Phase 1 or a Phase 2 cab. (Again, those are my terms and not "approved" nomenclature anywhere that I'm aware of.)


    Note that a "Phase 1" cab has a flatter roof contour than a "Phase 2". From what I can tell from previous studies of Frisco VO1000 pictures, the early VO1000's were delivered with flatter roof "Phase 1" cabs . Same for the VO660's. Somewhere along the way, Baldwin began shipping the more rounded "Phase 2" cab. Here's some archive (I think) pics of some of the early VO1000's illustrating being delivered with the "Phase 1" cab:



    And a builders photo of VO660, again, with the flatter contour roof "Phase 1" cab:


    However, there is an oddity that I don't have an explanation for: #215. According to Marre & Harper, #215 was shipped (not necessarily built) on 12-28-43, which means it SHOULD have a "Phase 2" cab. BUT... this picture (after being re-powered by EMD) indicates that it has a "Phase 1" cab. ????


    So anyway, there you have it, more than you asked for, but sometimes I ramble.

  6. meteor910

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    Many VO modelers forget the radiator filler and cap located right behind the headlight housing. A little detail, but it is always there!

    The Stewart VO kit (HO) includes the details for one, two or four exhaust stacks. I always liked the four stacker - I remember seeing one sitting at an idle - don't recall if it was at St Louis, KC, Springfield, Memphis or Tulsa - it was back a hundred years ago when I was a salesman and got around a lot. But, what was neat was seeing small puffs of diesel smoke at idle speed blow out of the four stacks in sequence.
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  7. pbender

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    There is a photo of 225 or 226 in orange and white on Mike Condren’s website with two flared spark arrestors. Atlas factory painted an orange and white one as 226, so I added the two flared spark, arrestors to that model.

    The next photo on Mike’s page shows 233 ( in black ) with 4 of those spark arrestors.

    https://condrenrails.com/Frisco Catalog/BLW-switchers.htm

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    Thanks Paul! Now that you mention it, I think it was 226. I knew one of them that had two flared arrestors got orange & white, but me ol' brain failed me. (Not uncommon anymore.)

  9. geep07

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    Installed visual safety steel plates and rails on VO 1000 224

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  10. looks good john
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    Most excellent John, You dont see that detail modeled too much.

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