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    Re: Cabooses

    paul said, "I'm guessing this is an 1100 series caboose. All I know for certain is it's a wood sheathed caboose, and it's located in a small salvage yard at Nichols."

    Hi Paul,

    Is that Nichols, MO or OK?

    Have you learned any more about this relic?

    Thanks, Roger
  2. slsf1131 Springfield, Mo on National Ave. 5/2006

    sad shape

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    That isn't 1131.

    1131 was out at the museum. When the museum shut down, it was sold to Ozark Mountain Railcar. I'm not sure what it's current disposition is.

    I don't actually remember what the number on that caboose is, but I do remember it was re-sheathed in the late 1980s.

  4. Hi Paul

    The one by the oil company on National Ave was there when the Museum was open. And from the Frisco Caboose Diagram that Mike had posted this defiantly a 1100 series caboose. The No of the Caboose at the Museum was slsf139 according to Sept-Oct 1993 All Aboard "Grand Opening of the Museum". But, later on slsf1156 was put there (See Mike's post from 1997) It is now on the landing in Branson, Mo. I did see your post of 1131 at the museum so I have no Ideal what No. it could be.

    So if someone knows the correct no. for the one on National Ave; let me know so I can change it.

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    It's 144, see the second post in this thread:
    The fact that it doesn't have a 4 digit number means one of two things: It was retired prior to the 1969 renumbering, or, it was repainted to an earlier scheme, with an earlier number (which may or may not be correct).

    Incidentally, It also looks like my memory isn't as good as I think it is. If Roger's date (1996) is correct, then the caboose was re-shethed no earlier than 1996.... I could have swarn it was earlier than that....

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    When the museum closed, there were two cabooses on the property. 1156 was up front along Commercial, 1131 was sitting near the back of the parking lot, perpindicular to the yard trackage.

  7. Thanks Paul For point out the photo of slsf144 - I now can see the oil company in the background.

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    SL-SF 1176

    Here's a view of SL-SF 1176 on display at Mammouth Spring AR in the late summer of 1989. Photograph by Rich Lawler.

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    :)SLSF 1101 Rogers, Ar 2009

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