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    Frisco modelers.

    A friend of mine is downsizing his equipment after retirement and was gracious enough to give me (o perms ant loan) a USA NW 2. It was originally in Chessie paint and that wouldn't do so I stripped and repainted it in a more appropriate scheme. I have posted it in my media section. Let me know what you think.


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  2. FriscoCharlie

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    Your picture was upside down. I rotated it 180 degrees and added it to your post.

    Looks good too!

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  3. klrwhizkid

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    Looks good!
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  4. DanHyde

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    Looks good! I finally bought one, waiting for the paint shop. Will probably make my own decals. Large scale rocks!!
  5. kenmc

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    I know this isn't Frisco, but it may actually have worked alongside your NW2 in Fort Smith AR.

    This is my USA G scale T&P #1008, modeled after the Mike Condren photo taken in Van Buren, across the river from Fort Smith. The MoPac didn't own any NW2s, but the T&P did. I was too lazy to add the spark arrestors and side handrails.


    Ken McElreath

    TP NW2.jpg PB070016.JPG
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  6. Joseph Toth

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    WOW! to both models! On a personal note, I would have used the # 1027 on the TP NW2. This was the address of Kalmbach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before they moved to the suburbes. Though I've been unactive on this site for a season or two the Trinity River Bottoms Boomer is back and would like to see more photos of your Frisco layout Mark. The only model I have at the moment is a LGB ATSF caboose. Money is tight at the moment but I've still got my eye on the AML grey FRISCO and green MKT 1:29 scale covered hoppers. LGB "prototype" US freight cars are so close to 1:29 it is difficult to tell them apart from other manufactures models. Does anyone know what the fate of the Arisco Craft dies are after AC shut down production? Large Scale (regardless of the scale, e.i. 1:20 to 1:32) is the perfect size for old eyes. I just passed Milepost 71 on the 4th of July and though I can only construct a point to point large scale railroad on my balcony I'll still be able to Ship IT on the Frisco!
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  7. meteor910

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    Love the look of the early NW2's with the stepped transition section at the cab end of the hood.
    I had a brass model of the final NW2 phase that had the smooth transition like the later SW7 & SW9 had. (Tom Holly has it now). Always wished I had bought an earlier phase model so it looked different than the 7's & 9's.
    Nice models guys!
  8. gjslsffan

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    Very good looking models for sure good weathering too!
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  9. William Jackson

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    Yes I was looking at the weathering, looks professional.
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