Union Pacific-Frisco interchange

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    How do Union Pacific interchange with the Frisco in Kansas City Missouri.
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    How was the Frisco / UP interchange handled? Transfers to the UP were pulled off trains arriving in 19th Street Yard (inbound to KC) and then transferred to the UP. Transfers from the UP were delivered by the UP to the Frisco's Rosedale Yard (outbound from KC) where they were classified into Frisco Locals and outbound trains.
  3. According to an ICC report from 1966, Frisco interchanged a total of 27,870 cars with Union Pacific at Kansas City. Union Pacific was Frisco's second-largest interchange partner, the largest being Santa Fe at Floydada. Frisco also operated run-through trains with Union Pacific and Seaboard Coast Line from North Platte to Jacksonville via. Kansas City.
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    Thats great info Gabriel. Kinda neat to know that much tonnage went over the QA&P back in the day. Very interesting for sure.
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    HEAVENS -- I had no idea!
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  6. Thanks Tom. It's amazing what you can find with a quick search on Google Books. There's tons of public domain stuff that's available for viewing.

    As I recall, the main reason for the decline of the Quanah, Acme & Pacific was because Santa Fe wanted to remain competitive with Espee and Cotton Belt, who'd shaved a day off their transcontinental schedules to California. Frisco and Santa Fe were able to offer faster schedules out of Avard than they were out of Floydada and once the interchange with the Santa Fe disappeared, the QA&P was downgraded and eventually abandoned.
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