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    I received my Third Quarter 2021 issue of Diesel Era today. "DE" is one of my favorite railroad publications - I have every issue.

    This issue has a nice article dealing with the Union Pacific's high-hood U-25b's. I have only skimmed the article, which is well written - looks like the UP had four GE demonstrators (UP 633-636) and twelve purchased units (UP 625-632, 637-640). Some good information in this article.

    One thing I noticed though - not even a brief mention of the Frisco high-hood U25b's, SLSF 800-803 (purchased) and SLSF 804-807, (demonstrators). One would think a fellow pioneer of the new GE U25b series would receive at least a brief mention of the eight Frisco units. So be it.
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    Some authors may just go for the "low hanging fruit" and not put a whole lot of effort into researching a subject matter thoroughly, or may just pick a particular sub-group to represent.
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  3. Thats happened several times with articles about early GEs Ken. The Frisco doesnt get met credit unless it is a Frisco specific article it seems.

    The UP did not keep theirs long. But in fairness several were involved in one derailment and wrecked. A couple did get built into road slugs and used by a couple western shortlines. The carbodies were chopped down. The euro look steps removed for conventional steps. They did retain the unique fuel tanks and horizontal lights though.
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