Tsunami Whistle Choice for my Russian

Discussion in 'Electrical/Electronics' started by Jim James, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    I added a Tsunami Medium Steam sound decoder in my Frisco #1632 which is a Russian. Does anyone know which whistle option is right for the Frisco? The default is a 6 chime Railroad Administration and another choice is a Nathan 5 chime plus some B&O whistles and what not. This decoder really brings new life into this model. The motor control is silky smooth and the sugar cube speaker is great. I still need to stuff everything inside the tender shell. A big thanks to Keith for the decoder opportunity.
  2. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    No worries. I picked one that sounded good to me. JMRI made it easy to try them all out and even adjust the sound quality. Model on!

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