Tombigbee Valley Railroad #21

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    Below is a picture of Tombigbee Valley Railroad #21. This is the only photo I have been able to find related to this particular predecessor of the Frisco. I've never seen a picture of a locomotive like this one. I'm a little curious to see if anyone here can tell me anything about it or others like it.

    "The TVRR was a reorganization on March 5, 1904, of the Tombigbee & Norhern Railway, which was 36-inch gauge. The new company immediately converted the line to standard gauge and abandoned the section from Nannahubba Bluffs to Calvert, AL. The Tombigbee Valley RR became part of the Alabama, Tennessee & Northern Railroad on May 1, 1913." -

    "... in December, 1948, Frisco purchased control of the AT&N. On January 1, 1971, the AT&N was absorbed into the parent company network." -

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    It looks like a 2-4-2 tank engine.

    Instead of using a tender, the locomotive carried water in the large tank around the boiler and fuel on the platform behind the cab.

    Tank engines are not uncommon, but they are more common on industrial lines than common carrier railroads.


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