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    When were the 35 sub-divisions lumped into 3 divisions, Eastern, Western and Southern. Which subs went where?
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    First of all, Divisions have existed with Sub-divisions within. You have to be specific about time frame.
    Secondly, there have been and are more Divisions than just Eastern, Western and Southern; there are also Northern, Southwestern, Central, River and Cape as examples of more Divisions.

    The structure for the most part is revealed in the Divisions and Sub-Divisions structure in this forum.
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    By 1980 there were just three divisions: Eastern, Southwestern, Southern. In the early 1960s there were seven plus QA&P. When did the concentration into three take place? One time or in a series of steps?
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    Believe you are referring to System Time Table No. 1, Effective October 17, 1971
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    Thanks, Mike!
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