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Discussion in 'Salem Branch' started by durb341, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Is the Burlington Northern rail line in Steelville missouri abandoned now?Thanks steve---
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    The line from Cuba running south through Steelville is intact at this point and still runs south all the way to Bixby. The orignal line that took off at lead junction heading south to Salem was abandonded by the BN in the early 80's The city of Salem has turned about a mile of the old grade into a walk trail and has one of the original trestle's still in place. At one time the lead branch had five mines in production, now I believe it is down to two that are mainly in the business of recycling lead bateries with minimal production based on the market value of lead. The local that service the two active mines use to head south mainly on Fridays, however the schedule is speratic so chasing one south will be difficult at best. It is a very intersting piece of the Frisco that the BNSF in all likelyhood will walk away from someday so if you have the opportunity to explore I would recommend it before it is gone.
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    Thanks for info.I talked to the owner of Bixby store friday and she told me they buried the rails just last week.Do you happen to know the location of the walk trail in Salem mo.
    Thanks steve---
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    Take rt 72 from Rolla, turn left onto J highway just as your coming into Salem. J highway will take you on into Salem and the trail is parallel with Grand St which intersects J.

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