Steam locomotives scrapped in 1956

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    I just read from Lloyd Stagner's book that some steam locomotives were kept in storage till 1956. I want information on what the numbers are of those locomotives were.
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    Some were still in storage in the late 50s. The 4500s still had the equipment trust plates on them.
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    Okay. In that case what was the last year of scrapping Frisco steam locomotives and what were the numbers of those engines?
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    By the time the Frisco completed the dieselization of its locomotive fleet on Feb 29, 1952, it had placed several 4500’s in storage at Ft Scott, i.e., 4509, 4510,4511, 4516, & 4519 to serve as back-up power. For its steam stand-by power the Frisco also selected several 1500’s which were still active in local service. These were 1500-1501, 1516, 1519, 1522, 1524, 1525, 1526, 1527-29. The 1522’s last active service was on the Ft Scott – Afton local. Approximately half of the 4200’a were set aside as “stored serviceable”. The accompanying 1953 ETT Roster lists 4200-4219, but a perusal of the the diagram book only shows 4200, 4201, 4204, 4208, 4210, 4212, 4213, 4215, 4218, and 4219. The 1954 ETT’s no longer show steam locomotives on the roster. By 1956, it was apparent that there would be no need to recall to duty any of the inactive steam locomotives, and the 4509, the 4510, and the 4511 were scrapped. During 1958, the 4516 was sold for $1.00 to the Missouri State Fair association. Ft Scott shop men cleaned and painted the 4516, which made its last revenue run on November 29, 1951, and the locomotive was turned over to the Katy for delivery to Sedalia and the State Fair Grounds. By March 1959, the 4519 remained as the last 4500 to be stored in Ft Scott. At that time, it was sent to Springfield for scrapping. I believe that it was cut-up during 1960. I am not certain what other steam locomotives remained Springfield during the mid to late 50’s. I do remember my dad taking my brother and me to the West Yards, and there were still a number of steam locomotives in the dead lines. I was just a wee snot, and so I don’t know the exact number of each locomotive.

    Several of the 1500’s and 4500’s were stored in Lindenwood, and some were still there until at least 1963. Buy Jim Ozment's book, “Trackside Around St Louis 1952-1959, and take a look at his web site, . There is a Frisco section.

    Once the Frisco began its dieselization program, it aggressively pursued its end goal, and once it achieve the goal, the railroad wasted little time purging the steam records and steam facilities. It’s puzzling as to why some of the locomotives lasted until the early sixties. I have wondered about the claim that the 4500’s were still in trust, but several of the 1500’s were at Lindenwood as well during the early sixties. I need to check the annual reports to see how the Frisco restructured its debt, when it left receivership on January 1, 1947. Some remaining records show retirement dates, but those aren’t necessarily scrapping dates.

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    Its grainy, but I found an Aerial photo from 1957 of the yard in Ft. Scott. It's tough to make out, but I see the outline of 4 steam locomotives setting on the south end of the yard.

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