Steam Era Boxcar Decals

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    The West Bottoms moves along. Rick M lent me enough boxcars to operate, it takes about 30. I've run some sessions myself and am quite pleased. I am planning a first group operating session in February and will post some pictures.

    It has been a series of problems to overcome, but now I have one that I just can't seem to solve. I've tracked down some appropriate boxcars for early 1950's; Tichy outside braced, Red Caboose 1934 AAR's, Intermountain PS1's, Atlas has some close USRA cars coming out undec, but just am at a deadend on decals. Oddballs make decals for the Tichy cars but I'm out of luck on the others. Rick has some nice AAR cars with "Frisco Lines" in the coonskin. The decals were a special run by Rail Graphics for a gentleman Joe Pennington. I've contacted Rail Graphics and they said the artwork belongs to Mr. Pennington and they can't reproduce the decals.

    So I am down to a couple of options. Accurail makes the outside braced cars in Frisco and are pretty available on EBAY.
    Also showing up is an Accurail PS1 with a medium sized coonskin and "Fast Freight" on a diagonal. My understanding is Accurail cars are pretty accurate just lacking some of the detail (and cost) of say Intermountain. Can anyone tell me if this PS1 car is accurate and when they went into the fleet with this lettering scheme. Or any othe solutions to my boxcar blues.

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