St.L&SF 4-6-0 #55: Rogers 1880

Discussion in '4-6-0 Ten Wheeler' started by Coonskin, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Coonskin

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    Here is an excellent builders photo of #55.


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  2. Jim James

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    To me, that's train porn. I'm working on a Frisco loco and mixed train from 1880ish. Good shot of the tender lettering as well. Any more golden oldies?
  3. Coonskin

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    Hi Jim:

    LOL! "Train porn", eh? :)

    I don't have any more at this time that hasn't already been posted, me thinks? However, I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for more pics from my favorite steam era.

    Be sure to check out my thread about the early renumbering of their engines the St.L&SF enacted. There's a composite scan that has three nice pics of more "Train Porn". :) Here's a direct link to that thread:

    EDIT: Actually, I may have one or two more early St.L&SF engine pics that aren't posted to this site. I'll see what I can do over the next evening or so.

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  4. Coonskin

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  5. rjthomas909

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    Library of Congress Photo of same: St Louis & San Francisco no. 55 4-6-0
    blt Rogers cn 2652 1880 Re 415

  6. Coonskin

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    Best resolution of that picture I've yet to find! Excellent! Thanks for posting!

    BTW, that engine (and its sisters) lives in V scale. 52-55 Left Side.jpg

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