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  1. alright the retired passing track is where it looks another track crossed national right there where the frisco caboose is..
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    No, the Mill street tracks continue on past the The Jordan valley Park. It joins the what is left of the old Phelps street trackage between Hammonds Field and Harry Cooper Supply.

    The Phellps street trackage is now segmented, one side goes from MK junction to the MFA grain elevator. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if this segment is taken out past the old team track, since MFA doesn't use the elevator any more. (I haven't been in the area for a while, and I don't have the pictures I took last summer in front of me).

    The other end of the Phelps street trackage services Lipscomb Feeds.

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    Right where the Frisco caboose is on National, there were some industrial tracks.

    Minimally, the trackage served the oil dealer (which is where the caboose is on National) and the grain elevator next to it (all tha tis left of the grain elevator is the elevator tower).

    The industrial track is shown on the diagrams Karl posted above the red line indicating where the passing track was removed.

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    You wouldn't happen to have the track chart showing the rest of the line from (MP205 to WS Jct) would you?

    I've been looking for that one, along with one for the Ozark Branch, but all I've been able to find is some BNSF track charts from the late 1990s.

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    I don't have the charts for the Ozark Br, but do have them from C205 to WS Jct. I have also included the "New" East Belt.

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    Thanks Karl, That helps.

  7. would be intersting to see those bnsf thrack charts.
  8. oh ok i know where youre talking about the street trackage, soes end at the grain, elevator which is being renovated i believe, on the west end, ends currently, at the lipscomb feeds, though you can see some, of the track is still remaining past this spot.
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    Ok. I live in Springfield mo. I go past mk junction everyday. Now the bad news. The caboose at national is gone. I saw them take it apart one day. I was shocked and hurt. The Mo pacific tracks past mk junction going east are gone. Paved over. The grain elevator is still there. Reyco is gone. Just a empty brick building. The double main going east from mk junction is now one track. I really had some great times at mk. Lots of action back in the late 60s. Had a good train day there once. Saw 2 long freights and then Mo Pacific came and did some switching. A day in heaven. I hope this helps. Fred. :)
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    I have noticed one other change at MK Jct. During my trip to Springfield this past July, I noticed that the turnout where the old Ozark Branch diverged from the old Willow Springs Sub. has been "flipped". Coal trains going to and coming from the James River Power Plant no longer have to stop to throw the switch. The old Willow Springs Sub is now the diverging route at this location.
  11. I'm looking for pictures of the Reyco industry near MK Jct. in Springfield.
    Ron Williams
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    I grew up about 1/2 mile north of Reyco. Wish I had pics too. Walked down the tracks that went thru there every Sunday. Very quiet as the wind blew metal against metal. Could here the bridge cranes from my home. What a busy place it was. Watching the big crane dump it's load in the smelter at night was awesome. Just a empty trailer lot now.

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