Special Collection Of Frisco Depot Photos in Arkansas

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  1. Special Collection Of Frisco Depots in Arkansas
    About 50 Frisco Depots Pictures, are about 30 % of the
    collection of Arkansas depot pictures.

    There are likely some other historical documents at this library.
    I assume copies can be made.

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    Arkansas Railroad Depot Collection
    Picture postcards, ca. 1920-1984
    Manuscript Collection 698


    A set of 175 black and white picture postcards, all of them photographic prints, of railroad depots in Arkansas, was purchased from Mid America Paper Collectibles, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, May 4, 1987. A colored halftone post card of the Camp Pike, Little Rock, warehouses was also included.

    All the postcards are 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". All the railroad depot postcards are black and white photographic prints on Kodak (usually) "photo post card" stock. All are identified on the front of the postcard with at least the name of the town. Usually the name of the railroad and the date the depot was photographed are also provided, either on the front of the postcard or handwritten on verso. In a few cases, the date the depot was built is given.

    The collection incorporates photographs of standing (though frequently abandoned by the time they were photographed) depots and copies of older photographs or published halftones.

    In the descriptions the name of the town (all are in Arkansas) is given first, followed by the name of the railroad and the date of the photograph (when this information has been included on the postcard). Other information, if any, is given in parentheses.

    Processed by Nan Lawler, Special Collections Division, University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayetteville, Arkansas, in January, 1988.

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