Spark arrestors and custom paint

Discussion in 'General' started by Robleese, Apr 17, 2019.

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    8F4B5080-4F80-4462-8EFB-36D71D3D23FE.jpeg 8B247230-8399-41C2-A320-BC425C1526D2.jpeg
    Added flared spark arrestors to my custom painted F7B. Now waiting for someone to make the decals to match. A company named K4 makes every Frisco decal set (and QA&P GP7) except this one.
  2. Robleese

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    8F29840B-683B-47B7-99BE-A89576F1AB57.jpeg 571DDBF7-1901-4372-B527-A041ABF7EB1A.jpeg 8806B7B5-3ECD-478E-8A82-B82D7A86F1ED.jpeg 21847B71-22EB-473D-BE88-2E0BA1D50761.jpeg Added an F7A to the herd. To make it more authentic I added flared smoke arrestors, yellow beacon, and a forward facing 5 chime horn. Don’t stand too close and they look pretty good.

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