Southern Division Special Instructions No. 3, May 17. 1936

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  1. arkrail

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    Southern Division Special Instructions, effective May 17, 1936

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  2. Karl

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    Thanks for posting. It's the first of this type document from this period that I've seen.
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  3. meteor910

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    Nice! Very detailed.
  4. arkrail

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    It was the first that I had seen of this early a date, and the multiple page discussion and instructions on how to get trains through Memphis (from Turrell AR to Tower 3 to Yale yard) was particularly interesting. I'm still unclear on the location of Tower 3, unless it is (was) the brick structure on the east end of the Frisco bridge. It wasn't Bridge Junction, and it wasn't Kentucky Street. As noted in another thread, in early days there was a Tower 1, Tower 2 and Tower 3 near the Mississippi River bridge, the first two in Arkansas and the third in Tennessee.

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