Smallest TOFC (Pig) facility on the Frisco

Discussion in 'TOFC Facilities' started by klrwhizkid, Sep 27, 2011.

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    There is one here in Parsons that looks to be almost identical to this one. It is about 2 blocks from my house. The tracks are long gone but the structure is still intact. I have heard stories that it was built for the Frisco by the Urban Renewal project here in Parsons. That would have been in the early 1970's. The cement type used to build this ramp looks the same as the tan colored cement that was used for urban renewal sidewalks and streets in the downtown area at that time.
    I have heard that the Frisco never brought anything into Parsons to be unloaded at the ramp. What was unloaded there was brought to town via the Katy and Interchanged to the Frisco.
    I will try to find a picture of it and post it.

    Bob Wintle
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    I have a photo (sorry, Keith, I don't think we found it Tuesday night, but I'll look for it) of an Erie Lackawanna boxcar at the ramp containing a new fire engine for delivery to the CGFD, about 1973 or so.

    Ken McElreath
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    For clarification sake, is there a difference between a TOFC facility and a LCL ramp? Railroads had LCL docks or ramps at many very small towns where items would be unloaded out of boxcars on the side or driven down a ramp on one end. Some of the ones that I remember on the Santa Fe were wooden with support poles the size of telephone poles or trestle piles. The ramp in Keith's photo is definitely not a duel purpose one as it can only be unloaded from one end.
    When I get a chance I will browse through some of my circus books as I believe some of them may have used local RR ramps in conjunction with their own (thy called them runs) to facilitate faster unloading and loading. This could possibly mean that the LCL dock that I am referring to may have only been used once a year when the circus came to town. To carry that thought one step further, to be considered a TOFC would the trailer need to be hooked up to a tractor vs. a wagon unloaded by a cat tractor or horses, or even the fire truck referenced above? The circus's and carnivals had these and they were referred to as being part of the "gas cut". I believe the key word here may have been "trailer".
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    The one here in Parsons was only able to unload from the end.
    I had an Interesting phone call this morning from a member of this forum who read my post. He was a Frisco employee who worked the line here in Parsons. He verified what I had posted earlier. He also stated that they never brought anything over here from Cherokee due to wieght and width restrictions on the Bridge over the Neosho river East of town.
    Bob Wintle
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    In Cape, the TOFC ramp was one-ended. LCL stuff was handled at a wooden plaform on the south end of the freight depot; there was a wooden ramp from platform level to ground level.
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