SLSF FP7's, Enid Negative Collection

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    SLSF 5041 (SLSF 41), EMD FP7, 1500 HP
    SLSF 5050 (SLSF 50), EMD FP7, 1500 HP

    Attached are the two Frisco FP7 pics that are in my "Enid" negative collection. Again, here are two old Frisco warriors that served long and well.

    And again I call attention to the details evident on these close-in roster shots that would be appropriate additions to your models: the rotary beacon on the cab roof, the whip (on 41) and "nail" (on 50) radio antennas on the cab roof, the brake and m/u hoses, the lifting-type spark arrestors, the various grabirons and lifting rings, the dual headlights, the steam generator cap on the roof at the rear, and the 5-forward Leslie Tyfon horn (is that a three or five horn unit on SLSF 50?). Note the side skirts have been removed, as they were from all of the Frisco F-units by this time.

    SLSF 41 appears in a well weathered austerity b/y paint scheme. Though I am a big fan of the original Frisco black & yellow scheme worn by all the F-units, I never liked this scheme, in particular when it is this beat up. Yuk!

    In HO, the new Athearn Genesis and the Intermountain FP7's are the best models. The old Atlas FP7 model is also out there, but it is really closer to a FP9.

    The twelve Frisco FP7's were numbered SLSF 5040-5051, delivered in late 1950-early 1951. Here we have pics of the second unit, and the second to last unit.


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    I'll have to find my old brass Hallmark HO FP-7A in the basement to compare my paint job from years ago to your great photo of No. 50. I saw it go through Dixon, MO many times. F-3/7 No. 62 was also a frequent visitor on trains 33/34. I modeled it using a Cary shell on an Athearn drive.

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