SLSF E7 & E8 "Racehorse" name histories

Discussion in 'E8A' started by meteor910, May 15, 2009.

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    There has been a discussion on the Frisco Yahoo group over the past day or so regarding the road numbers, names, and horse histories as used on the SLSF E7 and E8 "Racehorse" passenger units.

    I just posted a clarification on the Frisco Yahoo group regarding the name histories and wanted to put it out on as well so all will have it.

    My Yahoo posting was as follows:

    FYI, as additional background, the listing of the Frisco E7 and E8 passenger diesel "Racehorse" names and the name histories for each was first pulled together by Doug Hughes of the Frisco Modelers Information Group (FMIG), and then later updated by me and used by Lou Marre in his book, by Mike Condren on his webpage, and several others.

    But, we have a mistake in the listing - or at best a confusing reference - regarding Frisco's E8 2013, "Sea Biscuit". The correct name background for SLSF 2013 should read: "Racehorse, 1937 $ champion, defeated "War Admiral" in a high profile race".

    "War Admiral" was sired by "Man-O-War".

    "Sea Biscuit" was not related to "Man-O-War" or to "War Admiral". (MODERATOR; Incorrect, Sea Biscuit was sired by Hard Tack, son of Man-O-War. War Admiral was Sea Biscuit's uncle.)

    We did not realize the error in the listing until viewing the recent movie "Sea Biscuit" a few years ago!

    Ken Wulfert
    St Louis
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    Now I am really confused :confused:
    They made a movie about a Locomotive? :D
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    Sorry, Ken, but Sea Biscuit was related to Man-O'-War. Sea Biscuit was sired by Hard Tac who was sired by Man-O'-War. The human analogy would be that Man-O'-War was Sea Biscuit's grandfather and War Admiral was his uncle.

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    Hmmm - shows you what I know about horses! I need to get a different horse expert.

    Well, at least we corrected the original mistake in the Frisco E-unit listing that "Sea Biscuit" was sired by "Man-O-War".

    I'm going back to commenting only about locomotives and freight cars!

    Thanks for the correction.

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  5. "Crandall Cabs" ?
  6. klrwhizkid

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  7. CNW "Crandall cabs" were ex UP E-9Bs rebuilt as A units by and for the CNW and utilized as CNW commuter train locomotives. Crandall was notation to the name of the CNW motive power official that designed the unit. Its model designation has been refered to as an E-9BA by some, not sure if that was official designation by CNW or just what some refered to it as for clarication since was not built as a true A unit but converted from B units. As rebuilt the units had an odd looking cab end with an almost flat front low nose with the typical CNW favored gong type bell mounted on nose above the CNW logo, headlights were located above the cab windows. Rebuilt nose no where near resembled the standard bulldog nose as on factory built E9A units.
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